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The current Linnaeus portfolio includes holdings in the following companies:


Traditional Sea-Cage Fish Farming:

Selonda Nireus

Being established Greek producers and European market leaders of sea bass and sea bream, with combined annual tonnage of over 70,000 tones.

These companies are listed on the Athens Exchange.

R&D and Related Technologies:

Grow Fish Anywhere Limited

Grow Fish Anywhere Limited
GFA has developed an enclosed/zero discharge fish farm system that allows intensive production on a commercial basis and which can compete on production price with traditional sea cage farms.

Kind Consumer Limited

Kind Consumer Limited
Kind Consumer is a UK based research and development company pioneering novel inhalation devices, which aim to meet an unmet need in the consumer healthcare market with effective and affordable technologies.

General Portfolio Investments

Real Estate

A portfolio of residential and commercial property in Europe.

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What Linnaeus seeks and values is the originality of any product, service or expertise offered by a company.

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